The popular Nzeve Nzau juggernaut in Kitui Central has accused incumbent Member of Parliament Hon Makali Mulu for allegedly copy pasting Bonnie Musambi’s Manifesto and passing the contents as his own.

“The case borders on copyright infringement, intellectual property theft and outright malice. Everyone can see that MP Hon Makali Mulu has run out of ideas. By currently campaigning using our Bonnie Musambi’s Manifesto, he has endorsed him for the Kitui Central Parliamentary seat” said a communique from Nzeve Nzau camp.

Makali camp, after copy pasting our Manifesto went ahead and falsely claimed that he has already secured money from National Government to fund Technical Training Colleges but this is a untrue. This is an idea contained in Bonnie Musambis Manifesto, he said.

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“He has never spoken about it for the last ten years, he is borrowing heavily from Bonnie Musambi Manifesto” added our source.

The Musambi’s manifesto has revolutionized the thinking of local leaders in Kitui Central and beyond the borders owing to it’s diverse development cohorts and initiatives.

The UDA Parliamentary hopeful, through his groundbreaking Manifesto blueprint has revealed how he will utilise Kitui Central Constituency funds equally to the benefit of his electorate.

It seems that more nondescript competitors in Kitui Central Parliamentary have been using the Manifesto to campaign for themselves.


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