GTAP ambassador James Ngumbau interacting with mama bongas and small scale traders in Kitui town today.

GTAP’s (Green Thinking Action Party) popularity across the country and in Kitui too is now sending shivers amongst other party aspirants ahead of the forthcoming August polls.

This follows indisputable development oriented leadership that GTAP is offering to Kenyans of all walks. Indeed, the desired change that many Kenyans have decried for a long time has finally set its foot within.

Just today, dozens of Kitui GTAP supporters including youths and mama mboga pledged overwhelming support to all candidates vying under the Green Thinking Action Party owing to the great manifesto that aligns with their needs.

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GTAP aspires to partner with like minded stakeholders including small scale business owners, youth and people living with disabilities to ensure that each of them does not just have better livelihoods but also live to their best.

With proper management of public funds, GTAP believes it is possible for all Kenyans to put meals on the table without struggling and that’s GTAP’s agenda under Dr Isaac Kalua, the party leader.

Dr Kalua is a renown environmentalist and a champion of green investments & businesses hence GTAP’s leadership resonates well with local Kenyan communities.

Kenya is a leading destination for sustainable development projects owing to its environmental credentials and friendly business climate. Under Kalua, GTAP pledges to continue supporting green initiatives in Kenya and Africa at large.

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A Vote GTAP, is a vote for a bright future.

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