Will the failed camp know this_?

~ Unlike what scared competitors are saying of Dr. Malombe, that nyef nyef he was not accessible, evidence on our table show the opposite.

~ Indeed, Dr. Malombe was more accessible to Kitui county residents more than Ngilu and Mailu Musila combined in their misadventures in public office.

This is how…

~ To Ngilu, being accessible means sitting down with women while hoodwinking them that she is on the same level to con her way to their conscience.

~ To Ngilu being accessible means stealing water and health budgets, after sitting on the floor with women, then reducing the same women to objects of poverty and suffering.

~ This kind of accessibility can only make sense to the failed Ngilu and her Omunyambis. Ama what do u think of the accessibility that is barren folks?

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√ ~ And to Mailu Musila, possibly to him being accessible means marginalizing and balkanizing communities that do not worship him.

~ Mailu is on record telling Mathima residents that if elected (a tall order) he will only work for those who vote for him.

~ Perhaps his other view of accessibility is chewing roasted maize in the streets, completely borrowing from Ngilu’s quiver of lies and conmanship.

~ But to Dr. Malombe, being accessible means more than those antics. It means touching the locals with tangible & impactfulness development projects.
~ It means putting up health facilities, water projects, roads closer to the people.

~ To Dr. Malombe, being accessible to voters means taking services closer to the people. To every village.


Folks, if you visit any part of Kitui county today, residents will count to the last of their fingers and toes about life changing projects initiated by Malombe during his administration. Such projects are scattered all over and Kitui residents are happy.

~ For that feat of accessibility, Kitui county residents have requested Daktari Malombe to come back and take over from where he left.

~ They want Malombe to give the county his midas touch, and reclaim the lost glory.

~ And Malombe has heard the cry. *He is coming back to Make Kitui great again *

Folks, that is how effectively accessible Dr. Malombe is.

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~ *He means well. Let’s troop to the polling centres and elect him on August 9.

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