The rot that has been seen for the past 10 years in Kitui County Assembly is becoming evident as the current clerk of the country assembly went all out to campaign and bribe Mwingi MCAs at a Mwingi hotel on Tuesday 30th August in the company of George Ndoto

George Ndoto was instrumental in subortaging Governor Ngilu’s government and many MCAs have accused the aged Speaker for working closely with the Clerk to the detriment of the MCAs welfare.
Others implicated in this intricate plan that is meant to edge out the current front runners in the Speaker race are Boniface Kilaa Kasina.

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Mr Kilaa was Chairman of the Budget committee in the 2nd assembly and has been closely linked to George Ndoto and the Clerk to the assembly.

Kilaa is working very closely with Ndoto and the end plan is that in case either of them is not elected, to be appointed either as the Clerk or Board member so that the status quo is maintained.

Kitui County Assembly Speaker position has brought together a number of candidates, top of whom are Wiper candidates Kyalo Muli, Kinengo Katisya and Samson Masila.

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