The race for Kitui Speaker’s seat heats up as the Incumbent Hon. Ndotto rattles with luminaries Hon. Kitungu, Hon. Musyoki, Hon. Kinengo, Hon. Masila and Hon. Kyalo Muli, daring each other for a titanic battle as they brace to unseat Ndotto who has been on the seat for now 10 years.*

A second series of a poll carried out by a credible survey institution targeting the 39 MCA elect and their handlers from Monday August 29th through Thursday September 1st, 2022 through a question posed to them via call and messages through diverse social media platforms has produced the following results:

1.George Mutua Ndotto-37.5%
2. Paul Ngula Kitungu-36.8%
3. Benjamin Mwikya Musyoki-15.3%
4. Kelvin Kinengo Katisya-5.5%
5. Samson Masila-2.5%
6. Augustine Muli-2.3%

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Two out of a total of 39 MCAs elected were unreachable.

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