The cabinet Secretary for tourism, wildlife and heritage hon Penina Malonza on Tuesday Visited Tsavo East National Park, in the larger Tsavo Conservation Area, to highlight the drought Mitigation measures the Ministry is taking to conserve our wildlife.

The effects of drought manifest in reduced water and forage availability, and increased incidence of human wildlife conflict.The ongoing drought experience in the country has had a huge impact on wildlife and habitats. It has resulted in dispersal wildlife from their traditional habitats in search of pasture and water.

The current drought mitigation programs effected by Kenya Wildlife Service include;
1. Provision of water to wildlife through water trucking and construction of all season water pans.

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  1. Human-wildlife conflict mitigation by maintaining damaged electric fences and other infrastructure in hotspot areas.

  2. Fire management & control through development of fire management plans, conservation education, firebreaks and fire preparedness procedures.#wildlifeKE

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