Machakos governor Wavinya Ndeti is a marked woman after the EACC issued summons against her.

The summons relate to land fraud.
According to a letter from the EACC which is in our possession, Wavinya who is fast losing grip of the county government has been summoned to shed light on illegal revocation of title deeds for three prime parcels of land within Machakos county.

(See the attached document)

An EACC source has confided in our desk that the embattled governor fraudulently alienated the government land to herself and later sold the same land to the government thus raking in hundreds of millions of shillings in a criminal way.


“The summons are out but she is yet to honour them. The facts with us show that she fraudulently allocated the government land to herself before later selling the same land to the government thus enriching herself criminally,” the EACC sleuth revealed.

The embattled governor has not honoured the summons yet with reports from the investigating agency indicating that she may soon be arrested if she fails to show up at the EACC centre.

Other credible sources from the EACC also indicate that the agency is still closing in on the governor over her alleged fake university degrees.

Reports indicate that the EACC is actively investigating Wavinya’s academic credentials with a view to unearthing how she acquired her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She is said to hold fake academic certificates.

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Seemingly, Wavinya’s administration is attracting scrutiny from different quarters, leaving many convinced that it is only a matter of when, and not if, she will totally lose grip of the county.

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