The reported Cases of the cholera in parts of kitui have put the County health care ministry on high alert.

In Mwingi North, Mwingi Central and Kitui Rural sub-counties have reported isolated cases of deadly cholera which according to the County deputy Director of health services Madam Faith Kanini Mutinda are imported cases from Nairobi.

Speaking to Kitui Press on Monday 9th January 2023- Madam Faith Mutinda said the Ministry of health care and sanitation has put measures in place for all sub-county health facilities to address any arising issues.

In kisasi, seven people have been hospitalized for feasting on a dead cow, they are at the crisis health center receiving medication. The officer has cautioned residents against eating caucus.

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The County health officer Ms. Faith Mutinda has further cautioned locals against eating in open eateries to patrol themselves against the outbreak and stop any further spread of the chorela virus.

She has called on the people of kitui to maintain a high level of health care hygiene by regularly washing of hands, eating safely, and drinking boiled water.

She further asked all the healthcare facilities in kitui county to have isolation centers should any suspected case be reported.

The County Deputy Director of health care and sanitation Mis Faith Kanini Mutinda in her office in Kitui.

“The Ministry sanitation will train her healthcare workers on case investigation and management to make sure they are well equipped to handle any eventuality” the deputy director has said.

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The chamber of commerce and trade leadership in kitui has been asked to join the fight against the cholera outbreak in kitui by informing its members to cooperate with health officers whenever they visit their eatery shops

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