Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe (EGH) today received a report from the County Government Motor Vehicles, Plant, Equipment Determination, Assessment & Evaluation Committee.

In his remarks, the Governor said the formation of different committees was key to establish truth and facts significant in ensuring informed decision making forthwith.

“You cannot treat a patient without diagnosis. You must find the truth, device solutions and move forward”. He said.

Noting that there’s need to implement the committee’s report, Governor Malombe clarified that due process will be followed before any action is taken by his administration.

He promised to ensure the county does not sink citing any mistakes of the past saying his government will correct the areas addressed in the reports and act on anyone found culpable of misdoings.


The Kitui County Government Motor Vehicles, Plant, Equipment Determination, Assessment & Evaluation Committee indicated that the county has 320 vehicles out of which only 252 were in the records, a variance of 68 not captured in the handing over report last year.

The report also reveals cases of vehicles repeated in the records and another recorded thrice in the Assumption of the Office of the Governor Committee report last year.

The findings revealed cases of motor vehicle abandonment, frequent mechanical breakdown of motor vehicles, misuse of fuel, pending processed insurance claims, unregistered mobile clinics, theft of hospital equipment and exaggerated cost of procured machines among others.

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The committee recommended streamlining the reporting structure in the department of transport,* repairing of grounded and serviceable vehicles, pay for bonded vehicles at the dealers and the immediate follow up of the vehicle insurance claims among others.

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